ChatGPT’s Controversial List Places Charles Barkley Ahead of Kobe Bryant, with Michael Jordan at Number 2

There is a limitless range of lists that can be created to rank players based on various aspects of the game that we consider superior. Throughout the world, players and fans have come up with countless surprising lineups. However, when it comes to most All-time Greats lists, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are typically ranked in the top 3 or at least the top 5. However, this norm was disrupted when ChatGPT’s list caused controversy among NBA fans by placing Charles Barkley above Kobe Bryant, creating a heated debate among many other contentious rankings.

For months now, the conversation surrounding the generative AI, ChatGPT, has been buzzing across various industries and fields. However, the recent creation of a list by the AI, ranking the 50 greatest NBA players of all time, has sparked a fresh wave of discussions among fans worldwide.

Michael Jordan is not the GOAT in ChatGPT’s list

Ranking NBA players requires significant contemplation and deliberation, as there are numerous factors to consider. Various variables such as individual performance, team achievements, influence on the game, skill diversity, versatility, and leadership qualities are taken into account when identifying the top players in NBA history. These rankings are subjective in nature and frequently ignite passionate debates among both fans and experts. Each individual may prioritize different elements and assign varying levels of importance to particular skills.

Nevertheless, according to the list shared on Twitter by ‘NBA World,’ which requested ChatGPT to determine the “Top 50 players in NBA History,” Michael Jordan is not ranked as the Greatest of All Time (GOAT), as he is placed at number 2, just one spot above Shaquille O’Neal. However, the most controversial aspect of the list was the placement of Charles Barkley above Kobe Bryant, who is ranked at #14. This caused an uproar among fans on Twitter, leading to widespread astonishment and heated discussions.

A significant number of individuals strongly believed that Kobe Bryant, an iconic figure in basketball who made an indelible impact on the sport, deserved to be ranked among the top 5 greatest players of all time. His extraordinary achievements and exceptional skill set firmly establish him as a genuine legend in the game. Bryant’s impressive record of five NBA championships, including two consecutive titles where he led his team, demonstrated his capacity to dominate on the highest level and guide his team to triumph. This specific ranking that placed him lower on the list particularly provoked fans, and they expressed their discontent on Twitter, voicing their emotions about the matter.

Fans slam ChatGPT’s list

Although there were fans who were pleased to see LeBron James ranked at the top, the majority of fans did not share the same level of appreciation.

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