5 biggest problems of the Golden State Warriors this season


Golden State Warriors fans are confused by their team’s underwhelming performance this season. Despite having their championship core players, including Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole, and Draymond Green, the team has struggled with inconsistency and poor defense. They are currently ranked 25th in the NBA in OPPG, indicating their inability to defend opponents, while holding the 11th best offensive rating in the league.

The Golden State Warriors currently have an average record of 38-36 and are ranked 6th in the West, which is unexpected for a team with their championship pedigree. Despite injuries and less experienced teams like the Clippers, Grizzlies, and Kings ahead of them, the Warriors are not being taken seriously. They have failed to perform consistently against both strong and weak teams. Fans wonder what is going wrong with the team that has won four NBA titles in the Stephen Curry era and had a successful Finals run last year.

Inconsistent defense

The Golden State Warriors are struggling defensively this season, ranking 25th in OPPG and 19th in defensive rating. The lack of size and Andrew Wiggins’ absence have contributed to the team’s defensive struggles, with only Kevon Looney providing some presence in the paint. The team’s stars Steph Curry and Klay Thompson have been carrying the team offensively, but their poor defense has held them back from being a top team in the Western Conference. James Wiseman has been a disappointment and was traded before the deadline.

Absence of Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins, the Golden State Warriors’ best perimeter defender and arguably the second-best player in last year’s NBA Finals, has only played in 37 games this season due to injuries. Wiggins’ absence has been felt, as the Warriors have struggled defensively and lacked true aggression without him. His impact comes from his ability to defend at an elite level and move the ball quickly and efficiently. Wiggins could have made a significant difference in multiple games against sub-.500 teams that the Warriors lost without him. His absence has hurt the Warriors’ chances of success this season.

Chemistry problems

NBA players can be distracted by contract issues and off-court situations, which can affect their performance. A leaked video of Draymond Green physically assaulting Jordan Poole at practice could be affecting Poole’s performance this season, as he has struggled to perform at an above-average level. The incident has likely affected team chemistry and trust, which has been evident in individual and team performances throughout the season.

Contract pressure

The NBA is a highly competitive league where players expect to be compensated for their hard work. Contractual situations can greatly affect team chemistry, individual play, and motivation levels. The Warriors’ season has been impacted by contract issues, with Jordan Poole receiving a large extension but struggling to live up to expectations. Draymond Green has not signed a deal yet and is potentially playing to prove he belongs on the team. This mindset could affect team chemistry and title contention. Additionally, the potential departure of key figures in the organization could further deter team chemistry.

Less determination

The Golden State Warriors are lacking in size, team chemistry, and hunger, which is essential to win an NBA championship. Despite being the third seed in the West last year and winning the title, the team has been inconsistent this year, lacking consistency, defense, and effort. Stephen Curry is motivated to win his 5th NBA championship, but the supporting cast may not share his motivation, and the team may have dealt with too many distractions. With the playoffs approaching, the Warriors must tap into their motivation, but it may be too late.

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