”So To Be Honest” – Kevin Durant Reveals the Reason Why He Decided to Stay With The Brooklyn Nets

This will be Kevin Durant‘s third year as an active player for the Brooklynites, and he will begin the season with the Brooklyn Nets. KD made the decision to hunt for a fresh challenge in the NBA after a poor exit from last season. He asked to be traded from Brooklyn, which shocked the NBA.

The athlete and the team chose to move on and put this in the past after being offered to numerous teams and realizing the Nets’ high asking price for him. Durant, a current Net, will fight for this revamped squad next season.

All of the players on the roster are prepared to run the ball back, and KD is ready for any challenges this season may bring. The Big 3 are attempting to establish some camaraderie before the season begins by moving and going out together already.

Kevin Durant on staying with the Nets

The two-time NBA champion responded by saying that he felt the Nets still had excellent things in their hands and that he pondered about honoring his contract before trying his luck somewhere else. Many people are curious as to why he reversed course and decided to remain with the Nets.

“I felt like we had a good team. I felt like this is the place I said I wanted to be. We started to set something up in the future to be a solid team. So to be honest I thought this was still a great option, too,” Durant said.

Durant provided an explanation for the entire incident, admitting that the Nets’ offseason acquisitions had an impact on his choice. This club made several wise choices that allowed them to position themselves favorably for the 2022–2023 season. They now have a lot to prove, and KD will be under a lot of pressure.

After a summer filled with speculations and criticism, he wants to play basketball, compete, and win. If he can do that, he will put an end to everyone’s talk.