”Nobody’s Your Size” – Shaquille O’Neal And Top Hollywood Star Kevin Hart Savagely Roasted Each Other

Kevin Hart and Shaquille O’Neal are both entertaining people. They both possess a great sense of humor, with Hart making a profession off of it. Shaq disclosed that after realizing that being a bully wasn’t it, he made the decision to become a hilarious man.

With his stand-up comedy and film roles, Kevin Hart has grown to be one of the best comedians of all time. The native of Philadelphia excels at what he does, and despite being teased by taller people, Hart never backs down.

This is what happened when Shaq chose to make fun of Hart’s height, a running joke between the two of them. Hart, though, had too much of that one time and retaliated against Shaq over a FaceTime chat.

Shaquille O’Neal and Kevin Hart roasted each other

Hart and Shaq went at it during an old video call, calling each other every name in the book. At one point, Hart asked O’Neal why he was continually fiddling with his height, which sparked a humorous debate between the four-time NBA champion and the great comedian/actor.

Hart: Why do you feel like you have to attack my height?

Shaq: Because you’re little. ‘Cause you’re a little man.

Hart: Nobody’s your size. Nobody else is your size.

Shaq: And nobody’s your size either.

Hart: It’s you and Yao Ming and y’all are two stupid-looking motherf**kers. Two big dumb giants. Just two n—-s that can never get the size shoe for them.

Kevin decided to call Shaq out because he was sick of everything. Although O’Neal was prepared to respond as well, Hart’s words ultimately proved to be too much. After he ridiculed not only O’Neal but also Yao Ming, another behemoth who defined an era in the NBA, he and Shaq were unable to contain their laughter.

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