Russell Westbrook and Dennis Schroder got into a heated argument during the match against the Clippers


In LA, things aren’t looking good as the NBA trade deadline draws near. The Los Angeles Lakers were anticipated to start moving up the standings after completing a bid to acquire Rui Hachimura from the Washington Wizards. Although LeBron James had a 46-point performance against the LA Clippers in the Lakers’ first game following that trade, Rui was still unable to play.

Russell Westbrook and Dennis Schroder both had underwhelming games, with a combined 7-22 from the field. After the two point guards failed an inbounds play, they got into a furious argument courtside.

Russell Westbrook argues with Dennis Schroder

When questioned about this incident by the media following the game, Westbrook became enraged.

Schroder took ownership of the blunder and acknowledged that he failed to capitalize on the 50-50 opportunity and fouled Kawhi Leonard who gained an and-1. Schroder repeated that for the inbounds play, he wasn’t angry with Westbrook.

This is not ideal, especially given that the Lakers’ locker room is aware that underwhelming players might be traded at any time, and Rob Pelinka has publicly stated that the team is interested in more transactions.

Should Lakers trade either Dennis Schroder or Russel Westbrook?

Both Schroder and Westbrook will be aware that their roster places are in jeopardy. Russ’s move has long been demanded by fans, but Schroder’s value is low with a minimum deal. If the Lakers so desire, they could re-sign three rotating players with Russ’ $47 million. It would be intriguing to watch whether the Lakers deal their sixth man, as Westbrook has once more been connected to a trade to the Spurs. There are several advantages to having Russ around, but it seems that in crucial game situations, the disadvantages always exceed the advantages.

Even if his skills demonstrate that he is marginally superior to Schroder in 2023, comparing him to a minimum deal Schroder on value isn’t really fair because Russ gets paid more than 40 times what Schroder does and isn’t even near to being 40 times a better player.

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