3 Possible Things for John Cena at WWE Payback 2023

John Cena is back and he will most likely stay for a long period of time this time. On his winning return to SmackDown, he announced that he would be hosting WWE Payback.

Since the Premium Live Event doesn’t have many top stars, Cena showing up will make more people who don’t watch often want to watch, and this will create a lot of excitement and interest.

Three things John Cena can do at WWE Payback –

John Cena
John Cena

1. Pay tribute to Bray Wyatt

People thought Cena might do something special to remember Bray Wyatt, who sadly passed away recently. But Cena didn’t talk about him on SmackDown, and some fans didn’t like that. WWE might be waiting for a bigger event like Payback to do a tribute. A long time ago, Cena beat Wyatt in a big match at a special event. And in 2020, The Fiend lost his last Universal Title at the same event. Cena could talk about his history with the former Universal Champion and then say nice things about him, getting the crowd to join in a touching tribute.

2. Confrontation with Grayson Waller

Grayson Waller will get a lot of attention again because he’s hosting a special talk show with Cody Rhodes. The confident Australian wrestler might make fun of Rhodes on his show. But there’s also a chance he could criticize John Cena, whom he famously argued with at Money in the Bank 2023. If that happens, Rhodes and Cena would probably team up against Waller, and the crowd would love it. This would make Cody Rhodes look good and set the stage for more fights with Waller in the future.

3. John Cena wants to break Ric Flair’s record

Even though John Cena has won everything in wrestling, he may desire a 17th World Championship. He might make this announcement at WWE Payback and warn Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns that he’s coming for them. On SmackDown, Cena may have already irritated Roman Reigns by criticizing Jimmy Uso. And, despite rumors that they will be a team at WWE Superstar Spectacular, they may wind up against each other for a championship later on.

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