4 Reasons Why Randy Orton Should Join The Judgment Day at WWE SummerSlam

The Judgment Day is a popular group on Monday Night RAW. They are getting a lot of attention in WWE. Anyone who joins them can become a top star. Randy Orton, a former champion, could make the heel group even more famous. He has been injured but might come back at SummerSlam.

Fans want to see Randy Orton join The Judgment Day. This would be very exciting. He is skilled at being a heel and has experience in working with factions.

Here are four reasons why Randy Orton could join The Judgment Day –

Randy Orton
Randy Orton

1. Win 15th world title

One interesting thing about The Judgment Day is that Damian Priest and Finn Balor have faced Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship. Although they didn’t win, it shows their potential. Randy Orton, who has been away, could join them to challenge Rollins. This might help him win his 15th World Title in WWE.

2. Makes RAW more popular

If fans compare RAW and SmackDown, many enjoy watching SmackDown because of The Bloodline. But recently, The Judgment Day on RAW has also gained attention. If Orton joins them, it could attract more viewers to RAW and help them compete against SmackDown. WWE should consider this possibility.

3. Guide Dominik Mysterio

Randy Orton is considered one of the best villains in WWE history. Dominik Mysterio is also becoming a top heel. If Orton joins The Judgment Day, Dominik could learn from him and stay on top as a heel. This could make Dominik WWE’s biggest villain in the future.

4. Win tag titles

Randy Orton was part of the RK-Bro tag team before his injury. He has had success in teams and factions throughout his career. If Damian Priest becomes champion, Finn Balor would be left out. Orton joining The Judgment Day would allow him and Balor to challenge for the Tag Titles. They would make a great team, given Balor’s admiration for Orton. It would be exciting to see them compete together.

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