4-Time Champion Has Returned to WWE, Confirms Top Wrestling Executive

Carlito has agreed to return to WWE again, according to Great North Wrestling EVP Jack Kilby.

In the past few years, Carlito made a few appearances in WWE, but not very often. Last May, he came back at a special event in Puerto Rico called Backlash. He helped Bad Bunny in a match against Damian Priest. The crowd got really happy when they saw him because he used to be a champion. Since then, people have been saying that he signed a new contract with WWE.

Carlito is back in WWE


In a recent episode of Cafe de Rene, Kilby said that he had planned for Carlito to appear in a GNW show. But he had to change the plan because Carlito, who is 44 years old, signed a new contract with WWE. So the GNW show with Carlito had to be canceled.

“The issue with Carlito was after the tremendous ovation that he received in the Backlash pay-per-view, I would say he had the pop of the night there, and just tremendous physical condition along with his charisma that he’s always brought to the table, it was kind of a race for the indies to sign Carlito for an appearance before what a lot considered was inevitable would happen and that would be re-signing with WWE. And unfortunately by the time we locked him down for September the 15th. We went through the process of arranging his appearance. He was going to be in a high-profile match,” he said.

“And to his credit, as soon as he found out that the ink was dry on the Titan Sports contract, he said that he would love to do the show and would love to work for Great North Wrestling in the future should the opportunity present itself. But he’d be in a breach of contract if he didn’t pull out, which everybody understands that that’s bigs, that’s where the money’s made, and this is an industry where money is the final arbiter. So, no hard feelings at all. He gave us plenty of notice,” he added.

Carlito on his return

Carlito first joined WWE in 2003. He competed there for around seven years and won titles like the Intercontinental Title, United States Championship, WWE Tag Team Title, and World Tag Team Championship. But in 2010, his contract ended, and he left the company.

In an interview with Attitude Era podcast, Carlito talked about coming back to WWE.

“Again, it’s not up to me. It’s up to them. Yeah, I’m willing to do something, but like I said, it’s really up to them. It’s really their call, not mine,” he said.

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