4 WWE Superstars Who Might Confront John Cena on SmackDown

WWE announced a few days ago that John Cena will return to SmackDown on September 1, 2023. He will also appear at the Superstar Spectacle in Hyderabad, India. WWE fans are going crazy with this news.

The last time John Cena appeared in WWE was at Money in the Bank. He was part of a scene with Grayson Waller. Now that Cena will be on a normal episode of SmackDown, a lot of fans want to know which WWE wrestler will come face to face with the 25-time champion.

Four stars who can confront John Cena –

John Cena
John Cena

1. Randy Orton

Fans miss Randy Orton a lot. He had to take a break because of an injury last year, and fans have been waiting for him to come back. According to some news, he’s better now and could come back anytime. If this is true, it would be really great to see Randy Orton and John Cena fight again. They have a lot of history together, so it would be like remembering the past to watch them face each other.

2. Sheamus

Last week on SmackDown, Sheamus fought Edge in the main event. Even though he lost, he fought well and ended the show strongly. But now, Sheamus doesn’t have anyone to compete with in WWE. So, when Cena comes back on Friday, it would be nice to see Sheamus come out and face him. Sheamus and Cena have had problems before, just like Orton. So, it would be interesting to watch them talk or even have a match.

3. LA Knight

LA Knight is from SmackDown, but he’s having a fight with The Miz on RAW. Even though they’ve been on each other’s shows, this week when Knight fought Finn Balor on SmackDown, Miz wasn’t there. If this keeps happening next week, LA Knight might talk to John Cena. This could make fans happy and give Knight a bigger chance. It would also be cool to watch them talk to each other.

4. Grayson Waller

Grayson Waller has proven that he belongs on the main roster since his debut. His biggest moment came at Money in the Bank, when he interrupted John Cena’s speech. He attempted to disrespect Cena, but he failed. So he became angry and attacked Cena, but this too failed, and Cena fought back. So it wouldn’t be a surprise if Waller speaks with Cena again and attempts to make up for what happened at Money in the Bank.

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