5 Potential Outcomes for Rhea Ripley vs Raquel Rodriguez at Payback 2023

Rhea Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez are going to have a big fight at Payback 2023. The Eradicator, who is the Women’s World Champion, will defend her title against Big Mami Cool at a special event on September 2. This match became official on August 21, 2023, when Raquel announced that she’s ready to compete again.

These two stars have been feuding with each other since their time in NXT. Raquel Rodriguez defeated Rhea Ripley in a very tough Last Woman Standing match at NXT New Year’s Evil on January 6, 2021. After that intense fight, Rhea Ripley moved up to the main roster. She joined her real-life best friend on the main roster during the April 8, 2022, episode of SmackDown.

Five possible results for Rhea Ripley vs Raquel Rodriguez –

Rhea Ripley
Rhea Ripley

1. Rhea Ripley wins

Rhea Ripley has defeated all her challengers, including Zelina Vega and Natalya, as the Women’s World Champion. She aims to do it again at Payback this Saturday. She might beat her rival Raquel cleanly in the match. Big Mami Cool is a great wrestler and this could help her against Raquel.

2. Raquel Rodriguez wins

Raquel Rodriguez is really strong and her clothesline is super powerful. She’s not scared of Rhea Ripley and can match her in strength. Big Mami Cool won their last big match, so she might win this one at Payback 2023.

3. Dominik Mysterio could interfere

Dominik Mysterio got his first singles title thanks to Ripley, and he kept it with help from Mami. They support each other in title matches. Dominik will be with Rhea in her match against Raquel. He might cause Raquel to lose, setting the stage for a future match between them.

4. Liv Morgan turns heel

Liv Morgan hurt her shoulder on Raw in July and had to leave. She had already given up her tag team title because of the injury. She might surprise everyone by showing up at Payback 2023 during Rhea Ripley vs. Raquel Rodriguez’s match and could cause Raquel to lose, starting a feud between them.

5. Trish Stratus interferes

For Payback 2023, Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch will square off in a steel cage. Trish desired to compete for the female crown. To set up a future storyline involving the winner, Triple H might have Trish make an appearance during the Rhea Ripley vs. Raquel Rodriguez match.

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