5 Surprising Predictions for WWE SummerSlam – Superstar Free Agent Makes a Comeback, Debut of a Former Champion

WWE SummerSlam is just few days away. It will be shown on August 5th, starting at 8 PM EST. Before that, at 7 PM, there will be a special show. Many people are excited about this event. They’ve sold over 48,000 tickets, and more are being sold. This might mean they’ll get around 50,000 fans, which is really unusual and big for them.

There will be eight important matches at the event, and maybe more. The people in charge want to make a big impact in Detroit.

Here are five major predictions for WWE SummerSlam –


1. Kairi Sane to confront Asuka or Rhea Ripley

Kairi Sane is famous in Japan and WWE. She used to be a champion in WWE and might come back to challenge Rhea or Asuka. Asuka will fight two others for her title. After the match, Kairi might appear. She could also fight Rhea Ripley. She talked about her goals in WWE this year. She’s not signed now, so she could come back anytime.

2. Cody Rhodes to defeat Brock Lesnar easily

At SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes will face-off. They’ve been feuding with each other since after WrestleMania. They fought twice before, but the results were not clear because of fast wins and injuries. This time, Cody will win clearly. He might even make Brock give up as revenge for hurting his arm.

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes

3. Bray Wyatt to return

Bray Wyatt is a popular but also controversial WWE star. People either really like or really don’t like him. He hasn’t been seen for a while due to health issues that aren’t known. Even though his health is private, fans want him back. SummerSlam could be a good time for his spooky comeback. He might surprise by attacking someone or having a special video. He could come back in some way.

4. Finn Balor to dethrone Seth Rollins

At WWE SummerSlam, there will be a big match: Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor. Seth will be defending his World Heavyweight Championship against Balor. Finn beat Seth at SummerSlam before and could do it again this time. Some fans think Finn might win again. His group is very powerful, and if they help, he could become the new champion.

Seth Rollins

5. Nick Aldis debut

Nick Aldis is a great wrestler who hasn’t signed with WWE but has been in other places. He said he can’t wrestle because of a back injury. Some fans are positive he might actually be getting ready to join WWE. He might surprise everyone and appear at SummerSlam. Even if he’s really hurt, he could still show up in a video.

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