8-Time Champion Receives Mysterious Message from Bayley

Bayley just sent a cryptic message to Asuka, who IYO SKY from the Damage CTRL recently defeated.

Asuka went on Twitter and shared merch from SummerSlam 2023. The merch had pictures of her, Charlotte Flair, and Bianca Belair.

At SummerSlam, there was a special match with three wrestlers. Belair defeated Asuka and became the Women’s Champion. Right after that, Damage CTRL group did something important. SKY used her Money in the Bank contract and became the new champion by challenging Belair.

Bayley sends a message to Asuka


Bayley replied to Asuka’s message on Twitter by sharing a GIF that showed all three people from Damage CTRL, including Dakota Kai. When she did that, Bayley helped Asuka remember that she lost to SKY once more, who is a member of Damage CTRL and an eight-time champion.

Dutch Mantell on the rise of Damage CTRL

Fans have been amazed by how Damage CTRL has been getting more and more successful since it started at last year’s SummerSlam Premium Live Event. On SmackTalk by Sportskeeda Wrestling, Mantell talked about IYO SKY, who is in Damage CTRL, and how she defended her title against Zelina Vega. He thought the match was great and liked that it ended fairly.

“I liked this match, I really did. I liked the clean finish it was what it should’ve been anyway. I’m sure they didn’t try to do anything after it because they might not have a path written out yet. So we don’t know where they’re gonna go,” he said.

“I do like that team though. It’s like anything else, when you get something new, the first time you see it, you go, ‘Meh, I don’t know. It’s okay.’ Then they do something else. And when they do something that really just shakes the boat, you’ll get on board with it. They’re likable. Bayley is great. Bayley is out there running her mouth, you kind of like her anyway. So, I’ll see where they go,” he added.

Despite their previous disagreements, The Role Model and The Genius of the Sky appear to have worked things out and are getting along well, at least for the time being.

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