9 WWE Superstars Who Could Team Up with LA Knight and Sheamus in the SummerSlam Battle Royal

During a backstage confrontation, LA Knight, Sheamus, and Adam Pearce announced a SummerSlam Battle Royal. Knight brought it up as a result of what happened at the United States Title Invitational. Santos Escobar won without a fight because Rey Mysterio was injured.

LA Knight won’t have a special solo match at SummerSlam, so they decided to include him and other stars in the battle royal instead. Nine other Superstars, excluding Ridge Holland and Butch, will join Knight and Sheamus in the SummerSlam Battle Royal.

Here are 9 WWE stars who could join LA Knight in Battle Royal –

LA Knight
LA Knight

#9 Shinsuke Nakamura and #8 Tommaso Ciampa

Tommaso Ciampa is back on RAW and has problems with Bronson Reed, The Miz, and Shinsuke Nakamura. Ciampa accidentally caused Nakamura to lose a match. Nakamura retaliated by making Ciampa lose to Reed. While waiting for Johnny Gargano’s return, Ciampa will keep battling these three villains. They might face off in the battle royal too.

#7 Alpha Academy

Alpha Academy got a boost in popularity when Maxine Dupri joined them. Even though they lost to the Viking Raiders, fans still love them. Chad Gable is well-liked for his talent and charm. Otis is seen as a powerful threat in battle royals because of his size. It’s a good idea to include both teams in the battle royal to continue their feud.

#6 Riddle

Riddle tried but couldn’t win the Intercontinental Championship from Gunther. However, he keeps interfering in Gunther’s matches. Recently, he helped Drew McIntyre against Imperium. Riddle should move on from the title scene and explore a new story. The battle royal could be the beginning of his new angle, as storylines often develop from such encounters.

#5 Bronson Reed

In battle royals, big and imposing stars are usually seen as favorites. Bronson Reed, a new and impressive wrestler, wows the crowd with his moves and athleticism. If he faces other monsters like Omos, Lashley, Odyssey Jones, or Karrion Kross, the excitement will be even higher. Just watching Reed perform his flying splash off the top during the battle royal would be a treat.

#4 Grayson Waller

Despite being moderately injured after the draft, Grayson Waller has been given significant opportunities. He had a segment and a match with Edge, and later competed in the SmackDown main event against Jey Uso. He also interacted with John Cena at Money in the Bank. Management’s trust in him is evident, and he seems to be on the rise. Winning the SummerSlam Battle Royal would give him more to boast about in his promos.

#3 Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley has a chance to make history by winning battle royals at both WrestleMania and SummerSlam in the same year. He won the 2023 Andre the Giant Battle Royal due to Bray Wyatt’s illness. After being drafted to SmackDown, he returned and courted the Street Profits. Lashley, being a monster star, is favored in battle royals. A good showing could solidify his partnership with Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins.

Bobby Lashley
Bobby Lashley

#2 Karrion Kross and #1 AJ Styles

Kross and Styles have been feuding for a month. Kross specifically targeted Anderson and Gallows from The O.C. After defeating Anderson, Kross continued to attack him until The O.C. arrived to help. Because Styles, a former WWE Champion, does not have a main fight at SummerSlam, he and Kross can continue their feud in the SummerSlam Battle Royal.

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