Backstage Reports on Dominik Mysterio Potentially Leaving The Judgment Day

Dominik Mysterio is an important member of The Judgment Day faction right now. WWE just updated the images at the top of their three shows to feature the top stars. People noticed that Dominik was in the NXT photo.

Because of this, some people think that Dominik might be leaving The Judgment Day group and going to WWE’s third show. In the past month, WWE has been showing Dominik Mysterio a lot on NXT. Also, he became the NXT North American Champion not too long ago.

Dominik Mysterio to leave The Judgment Day?

Dominik Mysterio
Dominik Mysterio

Mysterio is in a storyline with Dragon Lee from NXT and has been fighting on the show every week. A lot of people have been watching the show because of him. But it doesn’t seem like The Modern-Day Latino Heat will leave The Judgment Day group soon.

WWE is thinking about making NXT bigger, like RAW and SmackDown. Because of this, they are using Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley a lot on NXT. These two are really popular in the company right now, so WWE wants to use their fame to make NXT even better.

WWE’s plans for Dominik and Rhea Ripley

Mysterio and Ripley are super popular in WWE right now. They’re on RAW and also doing things in NXT. This has made a lot of fans notice NXT. Dominik Mysterio gets really loud boos from fans, and it’s become a big thing. When he talks, fans loudly chant to show they don’t like him.

But Dominik is really good at making fans interested. People like to watch NXT because he’s there and they like to boo him. Also, he and Ripley are fun to watch together on the show. They make Tuesdays exciting. More people are watching NXT because of Mysterio. So, he and Ripley are making NXT better and making it more popular.

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