Backstage Reports on the Future of Edge in WWE

The final WWE match of Edge was against Sheamus on SmackDown in his hometown of Toronto. Fans are unsure what will happen to his wrestling career with the promotion after this match. According to recent reports, he has complete control over what happens next.

Edge has had a really important career in the wrestling world. Now, he wants to stop wrestling. He had been suggesting that he would have his last match in Toronto, Ontario, against his friend Sheamus.

WWE’s plans for Edge


After winning a big match against the Brawling Brute, he told the people watching at the Scotiabank Arena that this was his final match in his current WWE contract. Lots of people are guessing that maybe this could be the last time the famous wrestler competes in the ring.

WrestleVotes has shared news about Edge’s contract with WWE after SmackDown. They said he hasn’t agreed to a new contract yet. The report said it’s up to him to decide if he wants to keep going or not.

The Rated-R star made a major announcement

Edge has been really important in WWE. He had been suggesting that he would finish his time with WWE soon. Last year, Edge said he would stop wrestling in Toronto, Ontario, and now it looks like he has had his final match against Sheamus.

The two famous wrestlers had a big fight on SmackDown. Edge won, and the audience clapped and cheered. He hugged the other wrestler, showing respect. After the show, Edge said in Toronto, Ontario, that it was his last time performing for the fans. He thanked everyone for coming.

Fans are wondering if the 14-time champion is done wrestling. Edge appears to be content to conclude his career in his hometown and may not wrestle again. We’ll have to wait and see if he returns for one more huge fight against a tough opponent at a special tournament.

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