Backstage Reports on WWE Planning Huge Rematch For Roman Reigns at Survivor Series

Roman Reigns has held WWE’s greatest title for almost 1000 days and won’t let it go. He once held all of the company’s key titles, but that changed when the World Heavyweight Championship was introduced.

Reigns has successfully defeated all challengers who tried to take his titles, including famous wrestlers like John Cena, Kevin Owens, Brock Lesnar, and Cody Rhodes. However, there’s one big opponent who has left a lasting impact on him. That opponent is Seth Rollins, who currently holds the World Heavyweight Championship as well.

WWE’s plans for Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns

Both wrestlers have a long history together, sometimes working together and sometimes competing against each other. They are currently holding important titles in WWE. According to a report from Xero News, WWE might plan to have Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns face each other again at Survivor Series. It would be a special match where the two champions compete against each other in a Champion vs. Champion showdown.

However, it’s important to mention that the plans for the upcoming live event are still uncertain at this time. One major factor to consider is the possibility of Damian Priest using his Money in the Bank contract to challenge for a championship. The threat of Damian Priest cashing in his contract in the near future could greatly impact the plans for the Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns match at Survivor Series.

Seth Rollins took shots at Reigns

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins

Roman Reigns is currently havin a world title reign in WWE that is considered huge for this era. However, he has faced criticism for not defending his championship frequently enough. Recently, Seth Rollins added to the criticism during an interview, expressing similar concerns about Reigns’ lack of defenses.

Reigns hasn’t been very active during his 1000-day title reign because of the restrictions in his contract, which limit the number of times he appears. To address this situation, WWE introduced the World Heavyweight Championship, which was subsequently won by Seth Rollins.

In a recent interview on the Out of Character Podcast, Rollins expressed his thoughts, suggesting that if Reigns had been as active and willing to defend his championship as he is, there would have been no reason to introduce a new title.

“Here’s the thing, if Roman was doing what I’m doing there wouldn’t really be a need for a secondary championship. There wouldn’t be a need for another world heavyweight title on RAW, because we would have somebody that was doing those things,” he said.

Rollins looks to be opposed to Reigns taking time off and has been teasing him about it for some time. Only time will tell if Rollins’ comments, which have a clear vision, will lead to a future showdown between the two wrestlers.

Rollins is against Reigns taking time off and has been taking shots at him about it for some time. Only time will tell if Rollins’ comments will lead to a future fight between the two wrestlers.

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