Backstage Reports on WWE’s Plans Ahead of SmackDown After the Tragic Death of Bray Wyatt

After the tragic death of Bray Wyatt, WWE has faced a huge challenge ahead of SmackDown.

The wrestling world is very sad because of the death of Wyatt. This has really shaken everyone who loves wrestling, and it’s made the whole wrestling community feel sad. Since this happened right before WWE’s SmackDown episode, the company has a really big job to do in honoring the star that everyone loved.

WWE’s plans after the death of Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt

According to BWE (reported by Xero News), all the plans they had for SmackDown have been canceled. There aren’t any meetings about the show right now either. They’ve all been pushed back until later. Right now, WWE is only thinking about Wyatt’s family.

WWE will pay tribute to Bray Wyatt in the episode. But right now, they haven’t said for sure. WWE also said they will help Wyatt’s family. If anyone buys Wyatt merch from WWE’s store, the money will go straight to his family.

Fans must now be patient and wait to see how the organization honors Wyatt on SmackDown.

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