Bloodline Member Sends a Warning to 29-Year-Old Superstar Who Challenged Roman Reigns

Bad Bunny recently sent a warning to Roman Reigns. Paul Heyman has now reacted to what Bad Bunny stated.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Bunny said he wants to try and win Reigns’ WWE Universal Championship. Reigns has been the champ for more than 1,000 days, and he just defended his title against Jey Uso at SummerSlam.

Paul Heyman warns Bad Bunny

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns

On his Instagram story, Heyman told Bunny that the 29-year-old will acknowledge The Tribal Chief, just like everyone else did.


Vince Russo on Cody Rhodes vs Roman Reigns

Vince Russo thinks Cody Rhodes won’t be the person to stop Roman Reigns from being the champ for a long time. On his podcast called The Brand, the ex-WWE writer said that if The American Nightmare became the champ by beating Reigns, it wouldn’t make more people watch Monday Night RAW.

“With all due respect to Cody Rhodes, who’s doing a great job for the WWE, do you really believe for one second if you put that title on Cody Rhodes those RAW numbers are gonna go up? Do you really believe that for a second? They’re not, bro. They’re not. So, if you’re not gonna see an increase in business, why are you going to flip the titles?” he said.

At the big WrestleMania 39 match, Rhodes tried to win the WWE Universal Title from Reigns, but he didn’t succeed. Solo Sikoa got involved and caused some trouble, which made Reigns win in a controversial way.

Reigns is now on a break. Reigns did appear on SmackDown when Jimmy Uso turned heel. During the same episode, Jey Uso faked to leave WWE before returning to RAW.

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