Braun Strowman Shares Emotional Photo with Bray Wyatt After His Death

The death of Bray Wyatt saddened the wrestling community. Braun Strowman, his friend, is also very sad. Braun Strowman posted a heartbreaking photo on Twitter and fans showed him support after seeing this photo.

A few hours ago, Triple H announced that something sad had happened. Wyatt’s dad, Mike Rotunda, had told the WWE boss that Wyatt had died.

After that, people started talking about why he died. Some say it might have been because of a heart attack. He was not feeling well earlier this year. But before he died, he was getting better and was getting ready to come back.

Braun Strowman posts sad picture of Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt

Even Bray Wyatt’s dad, Mike Rotunda, thought he would come back. But sadly, the tragedy happened suddenly.

Strowman, who already shared a very kind message on Instagram, has now shared a very sad picture on Twitter. The picture shows the late star Wyatt, along with Knash (who is Wyatt’s son and Strowman’s godson) and Bray’s daughter.

Strowman and Wyatt were real-life close friends, even while they weren’t in WWE or the Wyatt Family. WWE is currently attempting to support Wyatt’s family by donating the proceeds from the sale of his merchandise.

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