“Come On WWE” – WWE Fans Go Crazy After The Usos Hint at the Return of Dwayne Johnson Ahead of Roman Reigns’ Trial

The Bloodline had a superb storyline. Fans really loved it. It started with Sami Zayn joining and caused a lot of drama when he left. Then Jimmy Uso betrayed the group, and now the group has collapsed. And now, fans hope that Dwayne Johnson will join the storyline as well.

This Friday, something really big is going to happen on the show, and fans want to see Johnson there too. The Usos hinted that Johnson might be a part of The Bloodline story during their interview with Ariel Helwani and fans are very excited about it.

WWE announces the trial of Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns

Right after the big fight at Money in the Bank, called The Bloodline Civil War, The Usos said that there will be a trial to judge Roman Reigns. WWE also confirmed this by posting about it on their account. So, it’s definite that the second trial is going to happen in The Bloodline’s story.

The first trial was about the loyalty of Sami Zayn. Nobody knows what will happen this time. But one thing is for sure: it will be interesting to watch because the earlier segments of The Bloodline story have been exciting and got a lot of attention.

But now fans want something different. Fans will definitely be hoping to see Dwayne Johnson make his grand comeback to WWE this Friday. Especially because The Usos openly talked about how The Rock’s involvement will take this story to a whole new level.

Fans want to see Dwayne Johnson

After all the clues, fans really want Dwayne Johnson to be in Madison Square Garden for this part. Besides Johnson, fans also want to see other famous wrestlers like Rikishi and The Wild Samoans come back too.

Triple H and WWE need to step up to make this happen.

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