“Congratulations to You” – WWE Veteran Gives His Verdict on John Cena Appearing in Top Hollywood Movie

Teddy Long, a WWE Hall of Famer, recently congratulated John Cena on his role in the Barbie film.

Like The Rock did before, John Cena has done really well in Hollywood. He went from being in the Fast and Furious movies to having his own TV show called Peacemaker. Now, he’s a big star and a big deal at the box office.

Teddy Long congratulates John Cena

John Cena
John Cena

Cena had a cameo in a really popular movie Barbie. In the movie, he played a character called Kenmaid. Even though he wasn’t on the screen for very long, people loved his cool style from the movie, and it became a big hit on the internet. On The Wrestling Time Machine podcast by Mac Davis on Sportskeeda, Teddy Long gave a special mention to John Cena for his part in Barbie.

“And let me say this, too. I want to give a big shoutout to John Cena. He had a chance to make an appearance in the Barbie movie, and he’s a guy that hadn’t been in Hollywood for that long, and Hollywood was like, ‘In our business when you get that top, you don’t pay some dues.’ He hadn’t paid any dues in Hollywood. So I’m saying he’s a lucky man to get a break in that movie. So, congratulations to you, playa,” Long said.

Cena appeared in Superstar Spectacle

While the Hollywood strike is happening, Cena still manages to show up in WWE. He even went to Hyderabad, India, on September 8 to join the Superstar Spectacle event.

John Cena played the big final match. He partnered with World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins to beat Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci from the Imperium. After the match, Cena got teary-eyed and talked about how he’d always dreamed of wrestling in front of his fans in India.

The 16-time WWE Champion will appear as a special guest on The Grayson Waller Effect segment on the next SmackDown episode.

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