Footage Shows Solo Sikoa’s Shocking Reaction to Roman Reigns Crying at WWE Money in the Bank

Roman Reigns is having a difficult time in WWE. He was just pinned in Money in the Bank for the first time in a long time. Just before his defeat, he was caught on camera crying. When he saw Roman Reigns crying, Solo Sikoa had an unusual reaction.

Last week at Money in the Bank, Reigns and Sikoa teamed up against The Usos in a match called the Bloodline Civil War tag team. Sadly, things didn’t go well for them, and they ended up losing. Jey Uso pinned Reigns, which ended his streak of not getting pinned.

Solo Sikoa reacts to Roman Reigns crying

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns

A WWE fan noticed Solo Sikoa’s reaction when he saw Reigns crying. At that moment, Reigns was feeling upset because even though he tried his hardest, he couldn’t defeat The Usos. They kept getting back up after being knocked down and, in the end, they won against Reigns.

When Sikoa saw Reigns crying, he was very shocked. He was definitely not prepared to see the Roman Reigns crying and his reaction was very surprising.

It will be interesting when The Usos confront Reigns and Solo Sikoa in this week’s episode of SmackDown.

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