Former Champion Keeps Taking Shots at WWE After Almost a Year Away

WWE SmackDown will be live in Toronto on Friday night. Aliyah tweeted ahead of the event to confirm her attendance.

Aliyah who used to be a Tag Team Champion is now in Canada. Lots of fans thought this meant she would come back on SmackDown. When a fan asked if she would be on the show, Aliyah had a strong answer. She’s been away from WWE for eleven months and is still upset about it.

Aliyah takes a shot at WWE

Aliyah’s last wrestling match was in September 2022. She lost the Women’s Tag Team Championships to Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai and got hurt at the same time.

She has talked a lot about being away from the action. A few weeks ago, she made a poll on Twitter. She asked the WWE fans if they thought she would come back before September 12th or if she would stay away for a whole year.

Will Aliyah ever return?


Aliyah has gone to Toronto, Canada, for a reason. Maybe she wants to see Edge’s match with Sheamus in person, or there might be a plan for her to come back to WWE.

Aliyah’s old partner Raquel Rodriguez got better and won the Championships again with Liv Morgan after Aliyah got hurt. Now it might be Aliyah’s turn to start a new story on SmackDown. It’s a good time because Payback is close, and if she wants to get back in action, SmackDown is a great spot.

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