Former Rival of Cody Rhodes Reveals He Will Make WWE Comeback After 8 Years

If Stephen Amell returns to WWE after an eight-year absence to support Cody Rhodes in his current fight, it could give Cody Rhodes an advantage vs Brock Lesnar.

Amell recently went on Facebook and shared that he will be on the July 17th episode of WWE RAW in Atlanta. However, it’s not clear what he will be doing or what his role will be.

Stephen Amell could return

Amell and Rhodes had a feud in the past when Rhodes was using his Stardust character. However, it seems like they have resolved their issues, and now Amell might be in town to promote the second season of Heels, a TV show he is part of.

Amell has been involved in wrestling for different companies in recent years, such as AEW and Ring of Honor. However, he hasn’t competed in a WWE ring since 2015, when he wrestled at SummerSlam.

Will Stephen Amell and Cody Rhodes link up?

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes

It’s expected that Rhodes and Amell will probably just have a backstage interaction as a nostalgic moment referring to their feud from eight years ago. Rhodes currently has many rivals in WWE, but if Amell wants to promote his new series, it’s likely that he will return as a face and be on the same team as Rhodes.

Since he appeared on the show over ten years ago, it will be interesting to see if Amell organizes a celebrity match for SummerSlam. However, there are already rumors that new matchups for the event are being organized.

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