Former WWE Champion Bayley sends a warning to her 31-year-old rival Shotzi

Before their upcoming SmackDown match, WWE Superstar Bayley sent a warning to Shotzi.

On the last episode of SmackDown, a member of Damage CTRL, IYO SKY had a match against Zelina Vega but unfortunately lost because of interference from Bayley. After the match, Shotzi challenged Bayley for her spot in the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder match, and SKY accepted the challenge on behalf of her teammate.

Bayley warns Shotzi


The member of the heel stable indirectly issued a warning to her main rival on Twitter.

“If you don’t see me by now then I’m afraid you never will,” she tweeted.

Shotzi blames the The Role Model

WWE Superstar Shotzi made a bold accusation about Bayley before their match on SmackDown. During an interview with Megan Morant on SmackDown LowDown, Shotzi talked about the experience of winning the Money in the Bank. She mentioned how it elevates everyone’s performance and puts them in a highly respected position.

Shotzi claimed that, considering what The Role Model and IYO SKY have done to her recently, she believes she deserves to be part of the ladder match to showcase her skills and abilities.

“You’re right, you don’t always get another opportunity in life. But I needed this opportunity. I mean, look at the Money in the Bank match. It changes lives, it puts you on a pedestal. It puts you at the top of the mountain. It brings you one step closer to becoming champion. And how sweet would it be, after everything that Bayley and IYO have put me through? Bullying me, picking on me every single week. It’s gonna feel so good when I climb up that ladder and become Miss Money in the Bank,” she said.

Fans are excited to see if Shotzi can defeat The Role Model and earn a spot in the Money in the Bank event.

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