Former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt Passes Away at 36 Due to Heart Attack

WWE star Bray Wyatt has passed away at the age of 36. Triple H informed everyone of the tragic news.

Last year, Wyatt came back to the company at the Extreme Rules special live show. The fans were very excited to see him again. He had his first fight since coming back at this year’s Royal Rumble, and he won against LA Knight.

Bray Wyatt passes away

Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt

Fans thought he would have his next fight against Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 39, but the doctors didn’t say he was okay to fight. News said that they would start their rivalry again when he came back, but sadly, that won’t occur.

Triple H used Twitter to announce that Bray Wyatt has died. This surprised the whole wrestling world.

Fans loved Bray Wyatt because he was unique and entertaining. Many, many fans from all around the world will be devastated by his death.

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