Former WWE Champion Will Return to NXT After 505 Days

WWE announced that Rey Mysterio will return to NXT next week.

Rey was seen on the show the last time on March 15, 2022, which was more than 500 days ago. He and his son Dominik Mysterio, who was a good guy at that time, were part of a segment with Legado Del Fantasma.

Rey Mysterio returning to WWE NXT

Rey Mysterio

On that night, Rey also came near the wrestling ring to support Dominik Mysterio during his one-on-one fight against Raul Mendoza. When Legado moved to the main roster, Zelina Vega took the place of Elektra Lopez. Later, they became babyfaces a few months after. They brought back the LWO (Latino World Order) with Rey Mysterio on the SmackDown show.

At the same time, Dominik backstabbed his father and became a heel by joining The Judgment Day. This week on WWE NXT, he and Rhea Ripley showed up on the show, and they were not very nice in their words. Dominik said he’s the best luchador ever, and this made Dragon Lee come out and ask for a fight for the North American Championship.

They agreed to the challenge, and Rhea stated that she will support Dominik during the title fight the following week. Dragon Lee stated that he will have a supporter in his corner, and suddenly Rey Mysterio emerged on the big screen. Rey announced his return to NXT next week, which shocked Rhea and Dominik.

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