Former WWE Star Who Was Released in 2020 Wants to Return

Things were very different in WWE a few years ago. Many people were laid off, particularly during the pandemic. Deonna Purrazzo was among those who were let go. She recently stated that if WWE asked her to return, she would.

Before Deonna Purrazzo officially joined WWE in 2018 and started working in NXT, she was sometimes there as an extra for a few years. However, her time in NXT wasn’t very memorable because she didn’t get to wrestle much, and she was eventually let go in April 2020.

Deonna Purrazzo wants to return to WWE

Deonna Purrazzo

After she left WWE, the 29-year-old became known as one of the top female wrestlers globally by doing great work in IMPACT Wrestling’s women’s division. When she was on Cultaholic’s Desert Island Graps show, Deonna Purrazzo openly talked about how she truly feels regarding the possibility of going back to WWE.

“I don’t wanna say no (about a return), and I want to say yes, but I also think that it’s kind of the circumstance of it. I think I’m in a place where I’ve done a lot of partial rehabilitation to my career in the last three years,” she said.

Purrazzo was really excited about being in WWE, which was a big dream for her. Even though she has different goals now, she still likes the idea of working with Triple H’s company. She wants to hold onto the chance of going back to WWE and wants to show that she’s learned from her mistakes.

“My dream was to become a WWE superstar, and my dream has evolved many times over during my career, but I think at the end of the day, it’s like, that’s something I’m gonna want to hold onto and say yes to. But I need to learn from my mistakes and do it differently if I was going to,” she added.

Purrazzo on her career

Deonna Purrazzo had opportunities to show her abilities on television, but rumours indicate NXT believed she wasn’t ready, leading to her dismissal. She changed her mind after three years of hard work. She’s currently a major star in IMPACT Wrestling and has even wrestled in AEW. Despite her previous experience, Deonna grew up watching WWE and may want to try again.

“I’ve been able to turn the tide of what people say about me in the conversations I’m in and submit my place in history, and unfortunately, my first time in NXT did a lot of damage to that. So, I think for me, it’s more about being cautious about maybe the situation I would be put in or something like that, but I don’t wanna take it off the table because it is WWE, and as a kid, I didn’t know any other wrestling,” she further added.

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