Former WWE Wrestler Claims Triple H Cut All Contact After Backstage Talk

Even though Triple H only took over as WWE’s creative director in 2022, he’s been a key figure for the past 20 years. In a recent interview, former WWE wrestler Just Joe discussed a strange backstage encounter he had with Triple H.

Joe was a WWE wrestler in 2000 and 2001. Before that, he became known in smaller wrestling events with Edge and Christian, who are also from Canada. When he was in WWE for a short time, he, who is now 54 years old, told Triple H in the eating area how upset he was because he didn’t have a clear story or role in the wrestling shows.

Just Joe on Triple H

Triple H
Triple H

On Cheap Heat Productions, Joe remembered talking to Triple H about his background in mixed martial arts. He cracked a joke, saying he was strong enough to really hurt the 14-time world champion, but it seems like Triple H didn’t get that he was joking.

“He goes, ‘Think you could kick my a**? I just patted him on the shoulder, I said, ‘Paul [Levesque], you’d be dead before you hit the ground,’ and I walked away laughing, figuring he’d get a ‘haha’ out of it. Never talked to me again, so that might be another reason I cut my own throat in the business by saying that to the guy who wound up being on top!” Joe said.

Back then, Triple H was often in the biggest matches at WWE, and he was a big draw for the fans. On the other hand, Joe mostly showed up on less popular shows like Jakked and Sunday Night Heat.

Triple H’s advice to Joe

In WWE, a lot of wrestlers act like exaggerated versions of themselves on TV. Earlier in their talk, Triple H advised Just Joe to do the same thing to get ahead in WWE.

“He’s like, ‘Well, you’ve gotta have a gimmick that’s kinda like your real life, I’m like, ‘Yeah, but this Just Joe character, he’s scared to fight everybody. I have four black belts. I’ll fight anybody! I’m not saying I’ll win every fight, but I can handle myself,'” Joe added.

Joe’s final WWE match was shown on television on December 2, 2000, on Jakked. He teamed up with Funaki, but they were defeated by The Dudley Boyz.

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