“He Doubts Himself” – WWE Legend Makes a Bold Statement Against Jey Uso Ahead of His Fight Against Roman Reigns

Mark Henry believes Jey Uso will struggle against Roman Reigns at SummerSlam.

Jey and The Head of The Table will face off at SummerSlam. The two cousins will fight in Tribal Combat, where anything is allowed, and no other family members can get involved. The title of the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship will be at stake.

Mark Henry on Jey Uso vs Roman Reigns

Jey Uso
Jey Uso

This week on The Busted Open podcast, Mark Henry advised Jey Uso to be more self-assured when facing Roman Reigns and his group.

“I hate seeing Jey in the corner, conflicted, looking down, kinda looking around. Wanna see him standing. I want the referee, everybody make him back up. I’m standing by the rope looking you in your eye. I’m gonna eyeball Solo. I’m gonna eyeball Paul Heyman. And when everybody’s in the ring, I’m gonna back up. I’ll give you the ring,” Henry said.

He said that the ex-Right Hand Man should challenge The Tribal Chief and have a verbal showdown with him. The Hall of Famer believed that Uso needed more confidence and wasn’t sure if he could defeat Roman at SummerSlam.

“But I’m gonna hold the mic and I’m gonna be waving that mic like, ‘I can’t wait to tell you what’s on my mind right now, Roman. Go ahead, you got the floor, you’re the Tribal Chief. Say it, say what you need to say.’ I wanna see that level of confidence because if you get that, then you really believe that he’s gonna win. I’m doubtful right now. I want him to but the optics tell me that he doubts himself,” he added.

Reigns destroyed Jey Uso with multiple Spears

Jey Uso had a one-on-one fight against Grayson Waller on SmackDown while Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, and Solo Sikoa watched from the entrance. After a tough fight, Uso ultimately secured the victory.

But he didn’t have a chance to enjoy his victory because Sikoa surprised him with an attack from behind. Even when Jey tried to fight back, Roman also joined the fight. The two of them were too much for Jey, and he couldn’t handle the two Samoan Spike-Spear combos, leading to his defeat.

Jey was lying in the center of the ring, still suffering the affects of the attack, when Roman Reigns berated him.

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