”He Just Started” – Ric Flair Reveals Top WWE Star Is Not at the Same Level as Roman Reigns

Ric Flair stated Roman Reigns is like a king in WWE. He compared him to another top WWE star saying the other star hasn’t yet reached the same level as Roman Reigns.

LA Knight has been doing really well on WWE TV lately. Fans react strongly to him every week, and he’s also very popular on social media.

Ric Flair compares LA Knight to Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns

Fans have been asking WWE to support Knight for a while now. WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair recently went on Fox News and gave his honest thoughts about Knight.

“The greatest thing he did, I didn’t realize if they rehearsed it or not, or he was being a smarta–, but when he told the Undertaker that Joe Rogan said that wrestlers today were soft, it popped me. I hope he came up with that on his own. I like the kid personally,” Flair said.

He said that Knight is not at the same level as Roman Reigns yet, but he recognized that Knight is starting to get good reactions from the fans.

“He’s not Roman Reigns yet, but he just started. He’s been around the market, he’s been back and forth, up and down. Sometimes you just got to find the niche, the right opponent and the right moment. That reunion when he cracked on Taker, I think that kinda started a roll for him,” he added.

Reigns has been WWE’s biggest name

Reigns’ career changed a lot when he became a heel in 2020. Just a few days after that, teaming up with Paul Heyman was the perfect addition, and he never regretted it. The Tribal Chief has become the most significant star in WWE in the last three years.

LA Knights fans want him to be a top babyface. A feud between Knight and The Tribal Chief may be highly successful if WWE listens to the fans and pushes the 40-year-old star.

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