“Here Goes That Gimmick” – John Cena Reportedly Acknowledged a Major Mistake in the Presence of WWE Rival

John Cena told his rival that he and WWE made a mistake when they made a booking for a match.

At SummerSlam 2010, the main match had Team WWE beating The Nexus. The Nexus was really popular at the time, and lots of fans got very upset when they lost to Team WWE.

John Cena admits a mistake

John Cena
John Cena

WWE Hall of Famer Edge, who was on Team WWE, recently talked about the choice to have The Nexus lose at that time. Edge told ITR Wrestling that John Cena and others in charge really wanted Team WWE to win that night. Edge and Chris Jericho disagreed a lot with this decision and thought it was a big mistake. Later, Cena talked to them and admitted that having Team WWE win against The Nexus was a mistake.

“To guys like me and Jericho, it’s like well, ‘This is… here goes that gimmick!’ And a certain point you just go right. I would love for them to be able to keep rolling and running, and I think you now have new main event players, that’s obviously not in someone’s plans. So all Chris and I could do is go right and what we both said is you’re all making a mistake and we left it at that. And I think it proved over time, it was a mistake. To his credit, he came back that night, he goes, ‘You were right!’ Yep we were,” he said.

Cena won at the end

John Cena and Wade Barrett had a feud in late 2010 and had a special Chairs match at TLC 2010. After that, Wade Barrett didn’t stay a top star, and he never really got better from losing to Cena.

Wade Barrett won the Intercontinental Championship five times and the King of the Ring event in 2015. But he never became WWE’s top global champion.

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