“I Got to Be Accountable” – John Cena Explains the Biggest Difference Between WWE and Hollywood

John Cena is well-known both as a wrestler and as an actor. Recently, he talked about how it feels to be part of two different jobs. In an interview, he shared his thoughts about the different experiences he has had while working in movies and wrestling.

John Cena has a special way of thinking when it comes to facing difficulties.

John Cena claims there is a lot of freedom in WWE

John Cena
John Cena

Cena discussed the big difference between movies and WWE or live shows.

“And it’s even more restricted in movies because on set I can call the shots but I’m not following the director into the edit at least in live entertainment if I want to drop a pipe bomb I can do it right and deal with the consequences afterwards I got to be accountable but I got my five minutes to to throw two middle fingers up to the world you don’t have that in a movie if you do it every take they’ll just cut on the back of your head like they’ll cut around you to get what they want,” he said.

“So why not embrace the process? Work with everyone instead of against everyone don’t think the world is against you because it’s not the wrestling business is a business and their business is to make money and if you’re of value to them.” he added.

Cena talked about how movies and WWE are different. In WWE, performers can make bold choices and take risks. Cena is okay with taking risks and facing the results in WWE.

When Cena thinks about working behind the camera, he knows there are some limitations. However, he still finds joy in the creative process and collaborating with others instead of opposing them. The legendary WWE star also mentioned that his future in pro-wrestling is still very promising, even with his other responsibilities.

John Cena will return to wrestling

Following in the footsteps of his fellow wrestler Dwayne Johnson, Cena has decided to try his luck in Hollywood and leave the wrestling ring.

But Cena wants everyone to know that his success in Hollywood doesn’t mean he’s finished with WWE. He still loves wrestling and is very dedicated to it. Even though he’s busy with movies, Cena says nothing can keep him away from the ring, and he might even return soon. This is good news for his fans because he won’t be giving up wrestling for his movie career. As he continues to find a balance between both professions, his thoughts and experiences are important evidence of his commitment.

Cena discussed how crucial it is in every career to collaborate, change, and enjoy the creative process. He has a strong passion for both the art form and his work, which is quite impressive.

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