“I Have No Chance” – Former WWE Star Makes a Shocking Statement

A former WWE wrestler claims he will not live to be 65.

Maven said he got hurt a lot when he was in WWE from 2001 to 2005. He said WWE took care of his medical bills because he got hurt while wrestling.

WWE star Maven makes a bold statement

Maven talked about what the wrestler Roddy Piper said in a new YouTube video. Roddy Piper thought he wouldn’t live to 65, and he was right, because he died when he was 61 in 2015. Maven saw this and said he also won’t reach 65, like Roddy Piper.

“I feel the same. I have no… I have no chance of seeing 65,” Maven said.

RVD on Vince McMahon being blamed for the deaths

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon

For a while now, many wrestlers have died when they were still quite young. In 2021, a fan used Twitter to say Vince McMahon is responsible for this. Rob Van Dam didn’t like what the fan said. He, a famous WWE wrestler, responded to the fan’s statement.

“You’ve all been “conditioned” to feel that way. As a nonconformist, I consider things before I take them as fact. If I swallow 50 somas & wash it down with vodka this afternoon at home, on the road, even in an arena, don’t any of you dare blame [WWE] or Vince,” RVD said.

Many young wrestlers have tragically died. Among them are Eddie Guerrero, Test, Umaga, and Curt Hennig, to mention a few. Eddie Guerrero’s death in 2005 drew a lot of attention because he was widely respected in the wrestling community.

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