“I Was So Disappointed” – WWE Fans Go Wild Over Epic Prank By Vince McMahon Involving John Cena

WWE has had many shocking things happen over the years. Vince McMahon tried his best to keep things unpredictable. However, Vince did something crazy with John Cena in 2011 that shocked almost everyone.

Vince McMahon is a well-liked person in WWE. He has a strange sense of humor that has influenced a lot of the storylines throughout the years.

Vince McMahon played a prank involving John Cena

John Cena
John Cena

In 2011, Vince had a funny idea to trick the USA Network during the WWE Draft. The company chose Cena to move from RAW to SmackDown as the first pick of the night, which surprised fans. But later that night, Cena was moved back to RAW, becoming the first wrestler to be drafted twice in one night.

Freddie Prinze Jr., a writer who used to work for WWE, shared that Vince McMahon played a joke on the USA Network by drafting John Cena to SmackDown. This surprised the network’s officials, who panicked when they saw the move.

Twitter users responded to McMahon’s prank by remembering the memorable night and sharing their reactions. A lot of them were totally caught off guard and praised Vince for pulling off such a fantastic joke.

John Cena was the main person representing the company for more than ten years. His popularity and influence helped the company bring in more people to watch and become an even bigger and more popular organization as time went on.

WWE legend made a controversial statement about Cena

Mark Henry earned the title of The World’s Strongest Man for a good reason. This WWE legend proudly represented the United States at the Olympic Games in 1992 and 1996. He even set world records in the deadlift and squat. However, The Big Show once shared that Henry was the strongest opponent he had ever faced in the ring. In a recent interview on Chris Van Vliet’s Insight podcast, Henry expressed his disagreement with Wight’s comments.

“And I gave him the business about it too. How are you gonna say John Cena is stronger than me? Because he’s, he’s, he’s more over than me? But if it came to strength for strength, like there’s nobody else on the planet that compares to the things that I’ve done,” he said.

Mark Henry became known as The World’s Strongest Man because he displayed his incredible strength in various competitions. On the other hand, Cena concentrated on his career as a professional wrestler and worked hard to become a famous name that everyone would recognize.

Even though Cena had a lot of opportunities to show his strength during wrestling fights, it is commonly believed that Henry may have had a raw power advantage over the 16-time world champion.

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