“I Wasn’t Ready” – The Undertaker Emotionally Reveals The Moment He Realized His Career is Over

The Undertaker spent the final few years of his career thinking about his retirement. However, because of his incredible popularity as one of the most well-known wrestlers of all time, The Undertaker wanted to achieve something epic in professional wrestling.

The Undertaker had fights with Goldberg, John Cena, and Roman Reigns. Some were better than others. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic came and everything changed. WrestleMania 36 happened over two days without any fans. This gave a special opportunity for a movie-style fight to happen.

Because of the new plans, there was a Boneyard Match between The Undertaker and AJ Styles. Their rivalry had become more personal. The match was done in a special way that let The Undertaker show off his skills from the past. It was considered a great success. After winning, The Undertaker rode away on his motorbike, and he finally got the ending he always wanted.

The Undertaker on his retirement

The Undertaker
The Undertaker

Retiring is very difficult. The Deadman talked to Alistair McGeorge for the Metro and talked about the difficulties he has encountered in stepping back from his wrestling career.

“In my heart, I wasn’t ready to do it but in my mind I knew I had to. It’s been a difficult transition because if I physically could, I would still be going. But I can’t put on a match the way people expect to see The Undertaker wrestle. There’s no sense in tarnishing the legacy, or cashing in on the equity that I built up,” he said.

The Undertaker remembered the specific moment when he was filming early in the morning and realized that his career was finished. This is something he hasn’t talked about openly before.

“My back is completely locked up, I’ve got pain shooting down my legs. That’s when I knew I was done. It was physical, we did some really big stunts, but I shouldn’t have felt the way that I did. It was just that moment of clarity,” he added.

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