“It Really Meant a Lot” – Big E Reveals If He Will Return to WWE

Big E suffered a severe neck injury that forced him to leave WWE for a time. He’s now said when he could return.

The famous wrestler hasn’t been wrestling since March of last year because he hurt his neck badly during a WWE SmackDown match. Lots of fans are thinking if he will ever wrestle again.

He talked about getting more fit but he hasn’t said anything about coming back to wrestle yet. But people still think there’s a chance he might come back.

Big E on his possible comeback

Big E
Big E

Steve from Ten Count Media asked when will Big E come back to wrestle. Big E, who is part of the New Day group, gave a truthful answer, but it’s not good news. Right now, there’s no specific time for when he will be back.

“We have no timeline, unfortunately,” he said.

But the ex-WWE Champion said he felt really thankful for everyone who asked about his health status when he wasn’t wrestling.

“But I appreciate everyone asking about me and praying for me and all of that. Sincerely, everyone who checked in, asked about me, emailed, DM’d, or whatever it was, it really meant a lot to me,” he added.

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