Jey Uso With an Emoji to Disturbing Footage of Roman Reigns Insulting Him and His Brother

Jey Uso expressed his outrage after seeing a video of his cousin Roman Reigns mistreating him and his brother.

The Bloodline was very powerful in WWE when they were together. But, not all members were treated equally. Jimmy received better treatment, while Jey had to endure continuous criticism and hurtful words from the leader, The Tribal Chief. Things got worse when The Usos lost their tag team championships to Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, as Reigns intensified his actions.

Jimmy had enough of his cousin’s disgusting behavior, so he finally fought back and kicked him several times at Night of Champions. A few weeks later, Jey joined his brother, and they both defeated Reigns to end their partnership.

Jey Uso reacts to Roman Reigns mistreating him

The Usos
The Usos

WWE’s official account recently posted a video of Roman Reigns repeatedly mistreating The Usos, and Jey Uso shared it on his own account with a message. The former Tag Team Champion used a trash can emoji to describe his cousin’s behavior.

Jey Uso to take revenge

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns

The Bloodline story has been really popular in wrestling recently. It began when Roman Reigns wanted Jey Uso to team up with him in 2020. At first, Jey said no, but eventually, he joined forces with his cousin. Later on, Jimmy also joined his brother and cousin.

But now, The Usos are no longer part of The Bloodline. They are angry and want revenge against The Tribal Chief. Jimmy and Jey have gone their own ways, while Solo Sikoa is still supporting Reigns. The two groups will face each other at the upcoming Money in the Bank event.

Roman Reigns will appear on SmackDown this Friday after missing the event last week due to The Usos’ attack on Solo Sikoa.

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