Kayla Braxton Reacts After a Video of Solo Sikoa Flirting With Her Goes Viral

Solo Sikoa is one of the most popular WWE stars right now. The Enforcer of the Bloodline always seems scary, but every now and then he reveals his genuine side, such as when he had a seemingly fun conversation with Kayla Braxton, which became viral.

In October 2022, Solo Sikoa was on The Bump show. He did really well answering questions on the show, but the cameras missed a behind-the-scenes moment between him and Kayla Braxton.

Solo Sikoa flirts with Kayla Braxton

Solo Sikoa
Solo Sikoa

Sikoa said something nice about the host’s “We The Ones” t-shirt on The Bump show. It seemed like an awkward moment of him flirting with Braxton. She responded to the clip on her Instagram with a short message and a funny interpretation of their interaction.

“The battle of the awkwar πŸ˜‚”, Braxton wrote.

What will Sikoa do at SummerSlam?

Since Solo Sikoa first appeared at Night of Champions, he has become a crucial part of the Bloodline’s story. Many people believe that the storyline is one of the best ever in WWE. His involvement brought a new aspect to the narrative as WWE explored the conflicts within the group.

When The Usos decided to leave the Samoan group, Solo Sikoa decided to stay with Roman Reigns. He even helped The Tribal Chief in attacking Jey during the latest SmackDown episode.

But, it’s not certain if Sikoa will stay loyal to Reigns, as he might decide to switch sides and join his real-life brothers to defeat Roman once and for all. WWE has hinted that the undisputed world champion might be afraid of Solo, and some people, like this experienced wrestler, could potentially replace Roman Reigns in WWE.

Solo could help Roman win another title defense at SummerSlam. But WWE could shock fans by making Sikoa a babyface.

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