Kurt Angle Gives His Verdict on Brock Lesnar’s Epic SummerSlam Moment Involving Cody Rhodes

WWE SummerSlam this year had an epic moment with Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes that fans will remember for a long time. Since their fight, Brock Lesnar showed respect to Cody Rhodes, which Kurt Angle thought was a pretty nice thing to do since they were upset at each other previously.

Fans would definitely not forget when Kurt Angle did something similar. He did it when he fought against Brock Lesnar in the most important match of WrestleMania 19. After winning against Angle, Lesnar made Angle think highly of him.

Kurt Angle on Brock Lesnar vs Cody Rhodes

Kurt Angle
Brock Lesnar

Kurt Angle knew how valuable it was to make other wrestlers look good, and he was happy to see his past rival make Cody Rhodes appear very impressive. The Olympic gold medal winner talked about the unplanned SummerSlam situation on his podcast.

“You know what? I thought it was kind of cool. You know, Brock has been bullying him for months, and all of a sudden, he respects him now because he beat him, and you know, that’s a pretty cool moment,” he said on The Kurt Angle show.

Kurt Angle said it wasn’t simple to make Brock Lesnar impressed, and Cody Rhodes must have done something good to make one of the strongest wrestling stars of today like him.

“I think that Brock doing that, Brock wouldn’t do that with just anybody, either. You have to earn his respect to get it,” he added.

When will Lesnar return?

Lesnar probably won’t be on TV for a while after finishing a set of three matches with Cody Rhodes. In the past, Brock Lesnar has taken long breaks after fights and then come back for more important rivalries. As per reports, Lesnar plans to rest for a while and might only return for WrestleMania 40 next year.

Even though they’ve stated that Lesnar would be in Fastlane 2023, it’s better if he returns before the Royal Rumble so he can prepare for his big match in April 2024.

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