Logan Paul Savagely Roasts The Rock Following His Surprise WWE Comeback

Logan Paul made fun of the comeback of The Rock by comparing him to the Jersey Shore cast.

Friday night, The Rock surprised everyone by coming back to Smackdown, which he hadn’t done for four years. He confronted Austin Theory, and he also reunited with John Cena. They greeted each other warmly with handshakes and hugs.

Fans have been talking about a big fight at Wrestlemania XL in Philadelphia, maybe with Roman Reigns. This got fans very excited, but not everyone agrees with this idea.

Logan Paul takes a shot at The Rock

The Rock
The Rock

Paul went on social media to make fun of The Rock’s big comeback. He said the people in the wrestling ring looked like the cast from Jersey Shore because they were all wearing black tank tops. He shared a tweet with two pictures side by side and wrote, “I’ve seen this before.”

After his first wrestling match at WrestleMania 38 in 2022, Paul became part of WWE. But there was a time when Paul and The Rock were close friends.

Johnson used to help Paul with his YouTube videos, and they worked together on various projects. However, their friendship ended when Paul caused a lot of trouble by going into the Aokigahara forest, which is also called the Suicide Forest, in Japan in 2017.

When they discovered the body of someone who had died by suicide, Paul and his friends were criticized for not showing proper respect. Following this incident, The Rock decided to keep his distance from Paul and his YouTube channel. He also said he wouldn’t collaborate with him anymore.

It’s not known if Paul will return to WWE. He’s currently preparing for a boxing contest against Dillon Danis. On October 14th, he will fight alongside KSI and Tommy Fury in the Manchester Arena.

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