Many AEW Stars Want to Join WWE as per Latest Reports

Many WWE Superstars have just joined AEW, however, it appears that some wrestlers from the AEW are interested in joining WWE as well.

WWE has stopped hiring new people recently. One reason for this seems to be the lawsuit they are dealing with from Major League Wrestling.

AEW stars want to join WWE


As per what Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio, some AEW stars want to move to WWE. But because of the MLW lawsuit, many are having trouble signing up.

“If that MLW lawsuit wasn’t there, WWE – and it’s not just these guys (The Elite), there’s other guys that this relates to, that have interest at least in hearing from WWE and in one case interested in going to WWE. That lawsuit… it’s like, if they do something wrong and it gets out, that’s not a good thing for that lawsuit, and that lawsuit may end up being nothing, but an antitrust lawsuit, there’s a lot to that that could be very scary,” Meltzer said.

One of the biggest exchanges between the two companies in recent times was when Cody Rhodes decided to return to WWE.

Bill Apter claims Wardlow should leave AEW

Although Wardlow has experienced some success in All Elite Wrestling, he is currently facing problems. Comparing him to Batista, veteran wrestling journalist Bill Apter suggested on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s UnSKripted that the 35-year-old wrestler should consider moving to a different company.

“My god, listen, if WWE had Wardlow, he’d be in major contention at this point… If it were me, I would package him as the second coming of Batista. I think he’s really good. But I don’t know… I love AEW, this is not a knock but I don’t think they have found the right niche for him. He’s a guy who shouldn’t be knocked down so much,” Apter said.

Several former superstars have joined AEW in recent years. Jon Moxley (formerly Dean Ambrose), Bryan Danielson (formerly Daniel Bryan), Saraya (formerly Paige), and Adam Cole are some examples.

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