Massive Blunder From WWE, A Fan From Audience Helps Logan During His Match at Money In The Bank

Logan Paul does not like rules. He will go to any length to achieve his goals. Paul faced six other competitors in the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match and had to offer his all. However, he received some support from fellow YouTuber KSI.

KSI and Paul are working together as partners in their business and have created a drink called PRIME Hydration. In the past, KSI also got involved in one of Paul’s matches. At WrestleMania 39, by mistake, The Maverick put KSI through a table when he was wearing the costume of the mascot for their drink.

Audience member helps Logan Paul

Logan Paul
Logan Paul

During Money in the Bank event, KSI didn’t show up on the WWE camera. But when Logan Paul performed a Frog Splash on Damian Priest while they were on top of a ladder at ringside, someone threw a pink PRIME Hydration drink bottle near Paul. The camera didn’t give it much attention, so most fans didn’t notice it.

It was actually KSI at the ringside who threw the bottle. In a different video, he was seen looking frightened after the Frog Splash happened. He was heard shouting, “Hey yo, I think he needs a PRIME, man.”

Afterward, KSI threw the drink, which Paul eventually caught and took a big gulp from before going back to the match. At the same time, KSI was cheering for him and encouraging him to drink it to boost his energy.

KSI on joining WWE

KSI recently discussed working with Logan Paul in WWE. He declined the offer, stating that he couldn’t take so many knocks or falls.

“[Will KSI join WWE?] Probably not. I don’t mind appearing here and there, but I won’t be joining WWE, man. They’ve got all the wrestlers at WWE, but that sh*t is way too much for me. I can’t take that many bumps. I much rather just watch it, honestly,” he said.

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