Natalya Reveals Heartfelt Childhood Memory with Bray Wyatt

Wrestling fans are still mourning the untimely death of Bray Wyatt on August 24. Natalya mentioned Bray and shared a sweet childhood memory with him.

Wyatt died when he was 36 because of a heart attack. Many people who cared about him, like friends, wrestlers, and fans from all over the world, shared their feelings of respect and sadness. WWE did a special show on SmackDown to remember him and also honored Terry Funk.

Natalya on Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt

Natalya, two weeks after he passed away, showed some old pictures of Bray Wyatt when he was a kid. She also talked about how, when he was little, he once dressed up as Batman for Halloween.

“Windham was only one month old in this picture when his parents brought him over to our house to proudly show my mom and dad their new baby. I was five years old. Years later, we would go ‘trick or treating’ together in our neighborhood. Windham dressed up as Batman. It’s surreal to think about Windham being gone but I’m so proud to have known him. More than what he contributed to the wrestling business (which was massive), he was a great person. We will never forget you,” Natalya wrote.

The first photo shows Wyatt as a newborn, being carried by his father, Mike Rotunda. The second photo was taken on Halloween and features Bray, Natalya, Kristen (Muffy) Neidhart, as well as Harry and Georgia Smith.

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