NBA Star Tracy Murray Gives His Verdict on Whether Jimmy Uso Will Become the Next Tribal Chief After Backstabbing Jey Uso

Tracy Murray, a former NBA champion, recently discussed how Jimmy Uso backstabbed his own brother Jey Uso during WWE SummerSlam.

Jey Uso and Roman Reigns had a big fight at SummerSlam to decide who gets to be the WWE Universal Champion and the Tribal Chief. Sadly, Jey lost because his own twin brother, Jimmy, turned against him.

Tracy Murray on Jimmy Uso

Jimmy Uso
Jimmy Uso

On the recent Friday, Jimmy talked to Jey and said he hurt him because he cared about him. He was scared that if Jey became the Tribal Chief like Reigns, he would change in a bad way. But even after this talk, Jey gave Jimmy a strong kick and then said he was leaving WWE.

Murray talked on The Mark Hoke Show and said he didn’t like how Jimmy hurt Jey by betraying him. He didn’t want this to happen. But he’s curious to see what will happen next in the story, like if Solo Sikoa might become the new Tribal Chief.

“I did not want that to happen. You know, just been so intrigued with the storyline and it’s the best thing going today and they take that turn. And I didn’t particularly like it but I wanna see where they’re gonna go from here, what other turn they’re gonna have within this storyline that is gonna make you, you know, say, ‘whoo!’ or scratch your head, one of the two,” he said.

“I mean, where are they gonna go with it now? Jey says he’s out. So, how are they gonna pull him back in? What is he gonna do to get back in? Will The Usos stay together? Who’s gonna knock off Roman? Just like he said, they had a chance to knock him off right then. The championship still would stay within The Bloodline. Is Solo being groomed to be The Tribal Chief? I mean, it’s a whole bunch of moving parts there that they still have plenty of room to expand on with the storyline. So, I’m just looking to see what turn they make next that makes sense,” he added.

Will Solo Sikoa backstab Roman Reigns?

Sami Zayn, Jimmy Uso, and Jey Uso have all betrayed Roman Reigns in the last eight months. Some fans believe Solo Sikoa will do the same with Paul Heyman’s help. Ace Darling, a wrestling expert, discussed it on Café de Rene. Darling stated that Sikoa requires more time to become as strong as Roman.

“They got to build Solo up a whole lot to be on the same level as Roman too. Because he’s been the guy for 10 years there,” he said.

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