New Champion Faces Massive Challenge as Entire Locker Room Turns Against Her in WWE

To be a WWE champion is never easy because everyone wants to beat you. Tiffany Stratton recently won the NXT Women’s Championship, but she quickly discovered how difficult it can be. She already has her first challenger lined up for her title just one week after winning it at Battleground.

After winning the title, when Tiffany Stratton showed up on NXT for the first time, she wanted to celebrate with the other female wrestlers. However, they were not interested in celebrating with her.

WWE locker room turns against Tiffany Stratton

Tiffany Stratton

It was only when she mentioned selecting the next challenger through a Battle Royal that they appeared. But instead of supporting her, the entire roster attacked her, causing her to retreat and be taken out of the situation.

Since then, the next person to challenge Tiffany Stratton has been decided. Thea Hail won the Battle Royal and became the number one contender. However, before their match, Cora Jade claimed that Hail’s victory had been unfair. The two women competed against each other, and with the help of a distraction from Dana Brooke, Thea Hail made Cora Jade give up by using the Kimura Lock. Now that there are no more obstacles, Hail and Stratton will have a match against each other.

Although the precise date of their match is unknown, The Great American Bash tournament is set for July 30, 2023. It’s unclear whether their match will take place before or after that event.

Stratton on her dream match

Although Tiffany Stratton is still establishing herself in NXT, she believes she is prepared for a significant match that she considers her dream. The NXT Women’s Champion expressed her desire to compete in a Triple Threat match against Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair, claiming it would be the greatest women’s match ever.

“I would have to say a Triple Threat between me, Charlotte Flair, and Bianca Belair. I think we are all highly athletic. We’re all highly competitive, and I honestly believe you will not find a better women’s match in history,” Stratton said.

Because Tiffany Stratton has not yet been promoted to the WWE main roster, this match can only be imagined and discussed for the time being, but it is still an exciting idea.

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