5-time World Champion explains when and why Roman Reigns will leave WWE

WWE Champion Roman Reigns

Several WWE Superstars have successfully transitioned into Hollywood, and according to Kurt Angle, Roman Reigns has the potential to follow in the footsteps of icons like The Rock, John Cena, and Batista.

Since WrestleMania 39, the Tribal Chief has established himself as one of the most dominant World Champions in recent history. As of late, he has transitioned into a part-time role within WWE.

As speculation about Roman Reigns’ long-term future continues, WWE has faced criticism from numerous fans who believe the company should have taken the titles off him. However, Kurt Angle holds a different perspective, suggesting that Reigns may not even be with the company in the next five years, as he predicts a successful transition for the Bloodline leader into the world of movies, becoming a prominent movie star.

Kurt Angle on Roman Reigns

During a recent episode of The Kurt Angle Show, the Hall of Famer expressed his belief that Roman Reigns possesses all the necessary qualities to excel as an actor. Angle expressed confidence in Reigns’ potential success in Hollywood, highlighting the WWE star’s talents and suitability for the world of acting.

“Roman Reigns is not going to be in the company in the next five years. That kid is going to be a huge movie star. It’s going to happen. There is no doubt. He has got an incredible look. He is talented. He is smart! The kid is going to be a movie star,” Kurt Angle said.

Kurt Angle doesn’t like Reigns’ championship run

In a cautionary message to WWE, Kurt Angle expressed his concerns about the booking decisions surrounding the Samoan star, Roman Reigns. Angle believed that the promotion was neglecting the importance of building up other top wrestlers in the process. While he acknowledged that long title reigns could boost the confidence of the talents involved, Angle questioned whether it was the most strategic move from a business standpoint.

Kurt Angle clarified that he held no personal grudge against Roman Reigns, acknowledging that the 38-year-old wrestler was in a position that was difficult to turn down. However, Angle openly expressed his opinion about the decision to have a three-year world championship reign, highlighting why he believed it wasn’t the most suitable choice in the present era.

“You know what? Having it for three years, don’t get me wrong, I would feel very good about myself, but I honestly believe, from a business standpoint, it’s not a very clever thing. I just don’t think. That’s just how I feel. Everybody has their own opinion. Roman is a great champion. He is the man. I have so much respect for him, but I just don’t agree with it,” he said.

Roman Reigns, alongside Solo Sikoa, is set to compete at Night of Champions in a match against Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens for the WWE Tag Team Championship. This presents an opportunity for the Tribal Chief to further enhance his reign and potentially claim additional gold in his already impressive tenure.

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