After Winning The World Heavyweight Championship, Seth Rollins to Finally Break 1.5-Year-Old Drought on WWE RAW

During WWE Night of Champions last week, Seth Rollins successfully pinned AJ Styles and triumphantly secured the World Heavyweight Championship. Fans expressed great joy as Rollins achieved a world title victory after a considerable period of time.

But that’s not all. Rollins has another surprise in store for the WWE Universe. This upcoming Monday Night RAW, Seth Rollins will put his championship on the line and defend his title. This will mark a significant event as fans will witness a world title defense on RAW for the first time in one and a half years.

Seth Rollins makes an open challenge

In a recent revelation, WWE superstar Seth Rollins made an announcement on Twitter that the WWE Universe didn’t realize they needed to hear. Rollins declared an open challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the upcoming Monday Night RAW. This decision by ‘The Visionary’ not only provides an opportunity for other stars on the roster but also brings excitement to the fans, who will finally witness a World Championship defense on WWE’s flagship show after a significant period of time.

Rollins also referenced former WWE superstar Big E in his tweet, acknowledging him as the last person to defend the world title on Monday Night RAW.

Numerous professional wrestling stars, including Big E, expressed their acknowledgment of the champion in the comments section. Now, the primary question emerges: Who will emerge as the inaugural challenger for Seth Rollins’ WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

Who will challenge Rollins?

When it comes to identifying the first challenger, the list is extensive. In a recent interview, Seth Rollins expressed his openness to facing any wrestler in the WWE for the championship, including those from SmackDown and NXT. This implies that the WWE Universe can anticipate the arrival of a new competitor on the main rosters.

Additionally, Dave Meltzer has reported that the formidable Brock Lesnar could potentially emerge as a challenger for Rollins’ championship. It is speculated that Lesnar’s victory over Cody Rhodes at Champions was solely to prevent him from suffering consecutive losses.

Furthermore, the highly popular WWE stable, ‘The Judgement Day,’ has also expressed interest in the open challenge. Hence, both Finn Balor and Damian Priest have been considered as potential contenders. Regardless of who becomes the first challenger, one thing is certain: fans will finally witness a world title defense on Raw after a substantial duration.

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