Alexa Bliss Reveals Who She Misses The Most In WWE

Recently, Alexa Bliss tweeted a heartfelt message to Mickie James, her old tag team partner.

Mickie James was fired by the Stamford-based promotion more than a year ago. On the WWE main roster, the former Divas Champion was a tag team partner of Bliss, and the pair engaged in rivalries with some of the most prominent female babyfaces of the time.

Bliss has praised James in the past, and the two stars are still good friends.

Alexa Bliss sends a message to Mickie James

Alexa Bliss was just mentioned in a humorous tweet by Mickie James. Bliss saw the post and replied with a positive message for the former WWE Women’s Champion.

Fans react to Bliss’ tweet

Back in the day, Bliss and Mickie James’ on-screen bond was quite popular with the WWE fanbase.

When James appeared as a guest on the Kurt Angle Show earlier this year, she talked candidly about her WWE partnership with Alexa Bliss.

“She’s so fun and she was really cool. Just, it was fun to work with her. I feel like she was very open to just different things for me and ideas and my input. Also, I think that she has a whole different audience than myself because it’s a younger, demographic, and in that cosplay kind of thing, which is not my wheelhouse or realm at all. So it was to see our personalities, and just like an old school versus new school kind of team-up,” she said.

Mickie James has accomplished enough to merit election to the WWE Hall of Fame at some point in the future. When the time comes, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Bliss inducts her into the illustrious hall.

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