Alexa Bliss sends a message to the man ignored by Liv Morgan in the Hornets-Knicks NBA game

Alexa Bliss, a RAW Superstar, reached out to the individual who appeared in a recently circulated video alongside Liv Morgan during the Hornets-Knicks NBA game.

During the Hornets-Knicks NBA game, Liv Morgan was accompanied by Justin Scalise, WWE’s Senior Vice President of Live Events. At a particular moment captured by the camera, an awkward conversation took place between Scalise and Morgan, where Morgan seemed to ignore most of his remarks.

The video rapidly gained traction on Twitter and has amassed over six million views, going viral. Morgan’s WWE colleague, Sonya Deville, provided a humorous response to the video.

Alexa Bliss sends a message

Deville emphasized that the WWE talent held nothing but affection for Scalise, making her stance clear. Bliss, in agreement with Deville’s tweet, responded to it.

“Hahaha awww justin!” Bliss tweeted.

Fans react to Bliss’ tweet

The amusing and uncomfortable video clip showcasing Liv Morgan and Justin Scalise provided ample entertainment for WWE fans, who thoroughly enjoyed discussing and sharing it.

During her recent appearance on WWE’s The Bump, Liv Morgan candidly discussed the awkward encounter with Justin Scalise at the NBA game. Liv shared that she had personally apologized to Justin for the video gaining viral attention. In a lighthearted manner, she jokingly confirmed that she did, indeed, ignore him during the game.

“My phone was just blowing up and I see this footage and I’m like ‘Oh my gosh Justin, I am so sorry’. He’s been such a great sport about it, but yeah, I don’t know. It is the most bizarre and weirdest thing. It was so weird, but let’s say I was ignoring him. It is women’s history month and we have every single right,” she said.

Given the circumstances, Justin Scalise has taken the step of locking his Twitter account, which is understandable. It is likely that he received a deluge of tweets once his identity became public knowledge.

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